How to care for our epoxy resin products

Do not drop or scratch

It is possible to scratch or scuff resin, so pieces should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper for transport, much like glass or ceramics. Epoxy resin will mostly likely survive a fall, but corners and thin areas could shatter when dropped on a hard surface. 

Keep away from direct sunlight

While epoxy is very resistant to moisture, cracking, etc. it is not 100% UV resistent. If your resin product is clear or has clear areas, these will be subject to yellowing if kept in direct sunlight. Resin that has been tinted or dyed will not noticeably yellow. 

Do not use with food or heat

The FDA has deemed epoxy resin foodsafe, but we do not recommend our products for such use. Resin can be softened in high temperatures, making it unsuitable for warm food or drink. Also, the dyes, minerals, and inks used within the resin can alter its composition. Furthermore, epoxy resin plates, bowls, and trinket dishes should not be used with candles or open flame. It is possible to burn the surface and damage your piece of art, and exposure to heat over time can degrade the strength and firmness of the work.