Stargazer Altar Supply, founded in 2019 by Selina Barrett and Paul Viscetto, is a non-secular, eclectic altar shop with lovingly handmade items and quality materials. Each item is uniquely crafted with vision and care. 

Paul casts resin art rich with metals, crystals and gemstones. These devices amplify the metaphysical properties of the materials by combining opposite ionic charges, to loop and harvest orgone energy. 

Selina is a traditional painter and artisan, creating one-of-a-kind, original tools for your sacred practice: altar boxes and paintings, healing crystal jewelry, and pendulums.

Many more projects are underway, and with time, Stargazer Altar Supply will be your one-stop magick shop!

What is an altar?

An altar is very personal, and depending on your belief system, it can be structured an infinite number of ways. Essentially, it is a consecrated space used for setting intentions, aiding meditation, rituals and spell casting, etc. Many altars are kept year round on a table, shelf, or dresser-top in the home. They can also be taken on the go, erected in a forest, or set up seasonally. Common elements of an altar include: representation of gods and/or goddesses, candles, incense, symbols of the elements, a book of shadows or journal, stones and crystals, and divination tools like rune stones or tarot cards.

What is orgonE ENERGY?

Discovered by Wilhelm Reich in 1939, “orgone” is a term for life energy that runs through all of existence, much like prana or chi. The orgone creations sold by Stargazer Altar Supply are handcrafted with the intent to harmonize this etheric energy. These devices are also commonly used for EMF protection and decreasing personal sensitivity to electric and magnetic frequencies. Orgone devices are a combination of epoxy resin, metal, and crystals. The tension created by metals of opposite ionic charge enhance the benefits of the crystal(s) in the piece.